'Hellraiser: Revelations' Trailer Premiere, Theatrical Poster & Dates

Bloody Disgusting scored an exclusive look at the trailer premiere and theatrical one sheet for Dimension Extreme's Hellraiser: Revelations, the Victor Garcia-directed sequel that will open in limited theaters September 2, with a VOD launch on September 1. The gates of Hell will then open on DVD October 18.

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cheezavenger3719d ago

The film looks awful and so does Pinhead. Is he fat?

Crazay3719d ago

I was thinking the same thing there. he looked a little beefy.

Firstkn1ghT3719d ago

Yeah this looks bad. Looks like Pinhead has been having too many cheeseburgers in Hell. To bad that most of these movies have been crap. The first 2 were great but the rest were barely good enough for the sci fi channel.

hazelamy3719d ago

it hasn't even got doug bradley as pinhead.

this series started going downhill as soon as clive barker was no longer involved.
the first one was a classic, the second one wasn't bad.

have you seen the sci fi hellraiser film?

cheezavenger3719d ago

The best of the DTV ones was Inferno, because it was a detective story. I did enjoy the one with Lance Henriksen, as well.

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