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Video: Captain America And Thor Film Battle Scene On 'Avengers' Set

WEWS5 News:
Onlookers at the set of “The Avengers” on Friday were able to catch a glimpse of a battle scene getting filmed.

Our camera had a birds eye view for the filming, as Captain America and Thor fight off some challengers during the scene. The people who Captain America and Thor are fighting are wearing special suits, which will then be used with computer animation to turn them into aliens in post-production.

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alycakes4011d ago

Cool little fight sequence. I just love it when they can do something like this in small section but then when you go to see the movie it's did they do that whole thing? It must have taken them all day! But it's done little by little.

4010d ago
nyobzoo4011d ago

trying not to watch leaked footage of this movie

RyuStrife4011d ago

Oh nice! looking forward to the full thing =D

4010d ago