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Christian Bale Cast In New Terrence Malick Project

Twitch Reports:
Well, now. Terrence Malick may have been out of the public eye for the lengthy gap between 'The New World' and 'The Tree Of Life' but he clearly was keeping busy. A notorious perfectionist seemingly as well known for the lengthy gaps between his films as for his films themselves, Malick has been on a tear lately and the rapid pace of new projects is not slowing down any time soon.

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alycakes3715d ago

I don't know if they love to work so much or if they're just afraid that if they stop working for a few months everyone will forget who they are but it seems to me that they never stop....not for a minute. Bale even filmed another movie in China during this filming of the Dark Knight.

All of the big actors and even the new comers just keep signing on to do more and more movies. It's like they're afraid it's all going away if they don't.

nyobzoo3715d ago

Bale's a good actor, Malick knows what he's doing