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First Trailer for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Is Already Better Than The First Movie

From TMP:

Sony Pictures has unveiled the very first teaser trailer for the second Ghost Rider film and it is already far more entertaining than the entirety of the first film.

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darklordzor3721d ago

Far better looking than I expected, but I'm still wary. There are plenty of ways for them to mess up. However, I'm less skeptical than I was.

DarkBlood3721d ago

lol spewing out fire is a new one but i kind of chuckled at him pissing fire

it seems to be a bit more whack in a way, more of a light dark story compared to the first film which was dark ish i think

but i thought they could only transform in the dark

alycakes3721d ago

This looks really awesome to me. I like the dark side of him. I think it's going to make for a better film and we'll all like it more than the first. However, I'm one of those fans that liked the first one so I'm happy he's just making this one.

Quagmire3721d ago

Lmfao, FIREPISS attack!

Shani3721d ago

Pee on fire... I am interested in this movie.. LOL

Sahil3721d ago

Imagine what the poop will be like.. O.o

alycakes3720d ago

That is just tooooo funny! But I was wondering the same thing. The things our minds think of.

Sahil3721d ago

I Love The Brutal Black Burned Skull And Jacket It's Fucking Awesome. That's More Like It!!!!

darklordzor3720d ago

Yes, it looks far more intimidating and brutal than the first one. Already more imposing.

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The story is too old to be commented.