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Movies With Mitch Review: Final Destination 5

Movies With Mitch:
If you’re a faithful Final Destination fan or a girl that’s been dragged by her boyfriend, then you’ve made it to #5. Congrats, you like watching young attractive people die onscreen (there’s no judging here) and so you shall be rewarded. Second Unit Director of “Avatar” Steven Quale, gets his first chance in the big boy chair and doesn’t disappoint with grandiose death sequences that can hold their own in any of the previous series entries. But if you’re like me, and I know I am, than those little things like watchable dialogue, humor, and overall decent storytelling have died their own gruesome death in “Final Destination 5.

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Firstkn1ghT3721d ago

Storytelling in this movie? Some people just don't understand that their are movies just for fun. This is a sweet movie experience with the guys. Lots of screaming and laughing. Movie deserves at least an 8.