25 Best Unscripted Moments in Film

In a lot of films, there are a lot of scenes that are used because an actor improvises and it turns out better than was scripted, or on occassion nothing was scripted at all and they just let them go.

These lines all have become iconic to these films and I could hardly imagine these moments being as memorable without them.

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Soldierone3357d ago

This was funny, and might be the start of my list of movies to watch again! haha

My favorite unscripted thing was in Boondock Saints (2?) where they tie he guy up to the table and push him out. When they camera cuts to a full view he falls over and kinda makes a sound of pain. The table wasn't supposed to fall and I think they cut faster than they were supposed to so they can make sure he was okay lol.

-MD-3357d ago

That was unscripted? I knew what scene you're talking about it was pretty funny lol.

alycakes3357d ago

That was funny but i didn't know it wasn't suppose to happen.

Love the list JL. Didn't know about most of those either. Very interesting.

JL3357d ago

Not my list, but yes is interesting and some funny stuff.

-MD-3357d ago

Heath Ledger's actions were PERFECT as the joker. Watching him is ridiculously entertaining.

jony_dols3357d ago

Ledger was a great actor. Why couldn't have the Grim Reaper not taken Rob Schneider or Kevin James instead....?

-MD-3357d ago

I like Schneider personally. Kevin James I could do without.

Such a loss losing Ledger though definitely.

Sahil3356d ago

He left something special, we can acknowledge bout for the rest of our lives.

Shani3357d ago

that was some funny stuff..

Sahil3356d ago

That was some pretty funny shit.. long live woody allen!

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The story is too old to be commented.