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Push-Start. Review: The Inbetweeners Movie

Edward Westman writes: "Us ‘Brits’ love to eulogize our film output, but our cinematic death knell is without a modicum of doubt the sex comedy. Play With Me, Sex Lives of the Potato Men, Fat Slags, Kevin and Perry Go Large and just about every Carry On film have continually pounded Britain’s credibility in the genre further and further into oblivion than even metaphysically possible. Worse however is the fact that we try too hard, oblivious to the fact that our overseas identity would be better off maintaining our stereotypically prudish image as opposed to our embarrassing attempts at building farce out of fornication. The further misadventures of E4 sitcom teen hellraisers Will, Jay, Neil and Simon don’t attempt to correct this imbalance, but in its favour it does raise some laughs, for the first twenty minutes."

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