First Official Trailer for Texas Killing Fields

In the Texas bayous, a local homicide detective teams up with a cop from New York City to investigate a series of unsolved murders.

The film stars Sam Worthington, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Chloe Moretz, and will hit theaters October 7.

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-MD-3083d ago

Looks decent enough, I'm a fan of Chloe so I'll be checking this one out even though I heard her role was fairly small.

RyuStrife3083d ago

Texas sure have a lot of stories on murders. Oh, and it seems there'll be a "Texas Chainsaw Massacre (3)" coming too. Why Texas?

-MD-3082d ago

Funny enough the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films were based on Ed Gein but he killed all his victims in Wisconsin.

RyuStrife3082d ago

That's totally funny dude!