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3 Reasons To Be Excited For The Amazing Spider-Man

TMP: "I am a huge Spider-Man fan, but I will openly admit that I was afraid of the upcoming reboot. I didn’t like the sound of anything. The new cast, the sparkly looking costume, the origin story we already know, and many other things were all bugging the hell out of me. Then came my copy of Entertainment Weekly featuring Spider-Man and everything changed. So here is why I went from hating the entire idea of it, to why I now couldn’t be any more excited."

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-MD-3527d ago

1. Emma Stone
2. Emma Stone
3. Emma Stone

JL3526d ago

As I wasn't able to be around all the time during Comic-Con, I'm not sure of everything that made it on the web, so I'm not sure y'all got to see everything we saw at the Spider-Man panel there. My guess is...some but not all..?

Anyways, from what I saw there, the suit looks perfectly fine. Definitely looks good every time I saw it and had no qualms with it in the footage we were shown. So I have no concerns there.

Moving on, Stone and Garfield seemed to have great chemistry on-screen. Definitely looks like they'll work well together. And both should do a great job. Garfield (while I was skeptical of the choice initially) proved he could definitely do the job in the footage we saw. Furthermore, like you mentioned, his little speech there at SDCC proved he was genuinely in love with the role and respected it and I feel it's in good hands.

On to the next point: I'm tired of origins stories as well. And that's probably going to bore me a bit with this one. However, it is indeed focusing on new characters (Lizard, Gwen) thus it at least won't be a remake of Spider-Man 1 so I was relieved about that.

As for your fear: I think you have nothing to worry about. The footage at SDCC wasn't all dark and somber. Yes, they seem to be taking a more mature and dramatic approach to the franchise than the last run. However, don't expect dark like Batman or dark-emo like Twilight. There still seems to be plenty of light-mood parts to the movie. One such that I saw was a scene between Parker and Gwen that showed the heart and slightly-comedic tone they'll be adding throughout the movie to lighten things up. It was one that made you laugh, and took you back to the awkwardness of high school, while showing off the nice chemistry between the two actors. They had a couple other clips that showed it wasn't all dark either and would even have some comedic aspects to it (like Spider-Man having a funny lil moment shoot webs in a variety of ways at this one criminal; essentially just having fun being Spider-Man). So there seems to be plenty of that. No worries.

darklordzor3526d ago

Yeah, I in fact never had a problem with the suit. I'm actually a big fan of the redesign, and Spider-Man is my favorite comic book character.

I couldn't believe all of the people that did hate it though. It seemed pre-mature. The set pics didn't really do it justice, but that's with crummy lighting and nothing is going to look that great with that type of quality.

Soldierone3526d ago

I'm so glad you said that. Was so scared they were making this a dark movie, and thats the last thing I would ever "want."

What you said only made me all the more excited, and all the more sad I never made it to Comic Con lol....

darklordzor3526d ago

I'm excited for Spider-Man...because it's Spider-Man. I mean, I was pretty against it at first, because I really did love the Sam Raimi ones (except for 3) and didn't want to go back and revisit an origin story.

But everything we've seen so far has been pretty awesome looking, so my excitement has been slowly building. It looks like it has potential, and that's enough to get me in the theater.

Soldierone3526d ago

I was excited the second they said Gwen and high school haha. I will still admit I didn't like the suit, even the very first official image wasn't that great in my eyes. But Entertainment Weekly changed my mind entirely with how it was layed out.

RyuStrife3526d ago

hopefully the "Mirror's Edge" stuff isn't really part of the movie, but is just the trailer. I get a bit motion sickness from those types.

darklordzor3526d ago

Sorry man. The director has already said in a few interviews that it is apart of the movie and that it looks better in 3D.

RyuStrife3526d ago

Oh man, motion sickness. But I guess I'll just have to bear through those parts if it gets too intense.

Soldierone3525d ago

If anything, it will only be when he first becomes Spider-Man. I thought it was rather neat and also remember that is a very early and quick render to get it out there. The finished product might have more smoother motions and better textures, so it might be a little easier for you.

However you should be able to see it coming and possibly look away for a minute or two. Im not saying "STOP COMPLAINING" at all, I know motion sickness is a problem as I know people that suffer from it too. :P I'm just saying don't be too worried about it, if the other movies were fine you should be okay.

JL3525d ago

I will tell you, it definitely looks much better in 3D. Looks pretty cool actually. Though, I will admit, it can be a bit disorienting.

However, from the looks of everything, it's really just that one scene where they use that technique. Sort of just a show off moment. It's not something that's going to be prominent in the movie it seems, if that's what you're thinking. My guess is we'll see maybe just a couple minutes of it so they can "ooh" and "aah" the audience with the cool trick they can do.

nyobzoo3525d ago

3 is not really enough reasons to be excited for anything