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Ridley Scott Ready to Direct New Film of Seminal Sci Fi Film 'Blade Runner'

Deadline Writes:
After revisiting his classic Alien with the upcoming 3D Fox film Prometheus, Ridley Scott is committing to direct and produce a film that advances his other seminal and groundbreaking science fiction film. Scott has signed on to direct and produce a new installment of Blade Runner. He’ll make the film with Alcon Entertainment, producing with Alcon partners Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove. This would be the most high profile project for Alcon since The Blind Side.

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darklordzor3723d ago

Awesome, freaking awesome. I can't wait for this to happen. Sadly it's going to be a few years before it does, but it's still really cool!

Crazay3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Ya i'm looking forward to seeing a proper sequel in the series too. Sadly, Harrison Ford likely won't be in it in any real major capacity. I keep meaning to get the Ultimate Directors cut of this but never think of it when I'm out looking for a new movie to buy.

Downloading is piracy and we don't endorse that here at Filmwatch.

reznik_zerosum3722d ago

awesome,time to rape deckard in the ass,just like indy...Ridley Scott didnt make good movie since blade runner

-MD-3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I honestly haven't even seen the original yet... cool for the fans that Scott's onboard for another though.

Should download it.

alycakes3722d ago

Oh my, you need to see the original. It's really good. I'm really glad they finally made their minds up on this...too bad Ford isn't young enough to do the main character on it again.

Sahil3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

god it seems all movies these days are either remakes or sequels, nothing original coming out.. that would blow us way!!

alycakes3722d ago

I think they still come out with a good film or two that we've never heard of before. I know lately it seems that this is happening a lot and it is but there are a few still out there and maybe soon their sequels will start bombing and they will get the idea that people want more from them. Don't get me wrong...there are some sequels that I do love but some have gone a little too far and are getting boring.