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Cowboys & Aliens Review - Boolean Flix

Actor and director, Jon Favreau, attempts to bring two contrasting worlds into one dusty canyon. The director of the Iron-man film franchise, takes a full-on action route with dynamite among laser beams, horses riding under spaceships and cowboys at arms with aliens. With Steven Spielberg's name helming the production, will it live up to the high standard of Abram's Super 8?

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alycakes3721d ago

I was really happy with this movie. I didn't think there was anything wrong with it or that it lacked in any department. The plot was good for a western that had a twist to it...I mean how many aliens were seen in western days? The acting was good and the cast was great! I had no problem with the way it played out and liked the twist with Olivia Wilde's part in it...I had no idea about her and who she all in all I came out of the theater very satisfied that I got my money's worth.