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Colin Farrell's Best Role: Daredevil

With Colin Farrell set to play the spooky vampire next door neighbor in this weekend's horror comedy Fright Night, it's once again clear that the Irish actor has turned out to have one of the most interesting acting careers going today. He went from a breakout role in Joel Schumacher's Vietnam movie Tigerland in 2000 to the crucial mistake of dyeing his hair blond for Oliver Stone's Alexander in 2004, which led to generic performances in a string of generic big-budget movies. He then went on to recover by giving terrific performances in just about everything, from a small-scale Woody Allen crime movie to a raunchy summer comedy.

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darklordzor3723d ago

I completely agree with this being one of his best roles. While the movie on the whole was very flawed, Colin Farrell did an incredible job in it. He played the perfect psycho and comic book villain. I loved his performance in this film, and I hate that the crappy movie keeps so many people from seeing how well he did in it.

alycakes3723d ago

Although the movie wasn't that great...I did so love him in this. He did play an excellent bad guy. Loved his bald head too.

-MD-3723d ago

This definitely wasn't his best role. I liked him better in The Way Back more than his performance in Daredevil.

What a bad movie.