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Iron Man 3 Update From Robert Downey Jr.'s Production Company President

Chatting in-depth with Schmoes Know, the president of 'Tony Stark' actor Robert Downey's Jr.'s production company, David Gambino, offered an update of Marvel Studios' forthcoming Iron Man 3 movie. Discussing the film's new direction, villain(s), and director Shane Black among other things.

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alycakes3713d ago

I'm so ready for this movie to come out. I know it's still going to be a way off but I'm trying to wait patiently. This is one of my all time favorite. RDJr. is one of my favorite actors and just favorite people with weird sense of humor. Not all his movies have been great but I have liked most of them.

RyuStrife3713d ago

I thought Ironman 3 was going to be "The Avengers"?

alycakes3713d ago

No...Iron Man 3 will stand all on it's own. I think it comes out in May of 2013. I'm really excited about it too. I'm glad for the Avengers though because they get to group together and that's going to be quite a movie in itself.

Peaceful_Jelly3712d ago

The Iron Man movies have some of the worst acting and story-telling ever but love the action and the way the armors and other stuff looks. These movies are a feast for the eye and very entertaining too. Can't wait for the third one and now with War Machine!

Quagmire3712d ago

I preferred the first over the second. Hopefully Jon Favreau goes back to what made the first one successful.

Sahil3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

I think it's good.. that they are taking their time to consider which villain to use this time around, the villains in the last two movies were kinda lame,...ok not lame, but the end battles, could be more epic!

CanadianTurtle3712d ago

Ironman2 is what turned me into a HUGE Marvel comics fan. Ever since I saw that movie, I was craving to see more and learn more about the marvel universe. It made me read a lot of the comic books and stuff.

I'm really looking forward to a third.

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