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'Man of Steel' Official Synopsis Revealed

As you probably know, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is already in production and is currently filming in Chicago. Now it looks like they’re seeking some extras as the film moves up to Canada next month. The Superman Homepage has posted an open casting call that details all of this.

However, the real news here is what the agency managed to sneak into the middle of the casting call. It seems we now have our first official plot synopsis for Snyder’s Man of Steel. However, with that comes some disappointment.

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alycakes3713d ago

I think that we all know that no matter what the plot holds, in the end Superman will stand for good and defend earth against matter what that may be. The villian all come and go in different shapes and sizes but our heros always prevail.

The one thing that always drew me to Superman was the fact that he is the true Superhero...not man made. He actually is from another planet and is physically made strong and has other super powers without a suit even. Even if it's another origin story...which I was hoping it wasn't...I will try and see it thru another writers and directors eyes. I hope they don't disappoint.

darklordzor3713d ago

That's a very nice and profound statement. That is also a big reason why I like Superman so much, but the only problem that comes with it, is that his ideals can make his story a little...boring. As the ultimate boy scout, his character doesn't have a whole lot of conflict within him, so all of it has to be external. If you don't have a strong enough villain, then it can make for a boring adventure (Superman Returns).

JL3712d ago

Good point. He does seem to rely on his villains more to make a story interesting. And quite frankly, the boy scout thing (epitome of good) gets on my nerves sometimes. In that sense, he's almost a dated character. In the 50s and before that was fine. Now that we're more about antiheroes, not so much.

Though dont get me wrong. He's still iconic and cool in his own way. And i'll still definitely watch this. Just saying.

Bull5hifT3712d ago

Is Zack Snyder the dude that Directed 300 or the Guy That Did Spiderman 1?

GuyManDude3712d ago

Don't you have Google like the rest of us? lol

Snyder directed 300, Watchmen, and Sucker Punch (among others). Sam Raimi directed the Spider-Man trilogy.

-Superman-3712d ago

Superman, Superman !!!
in tights... I cant wait to see it guys.

darklordzor3713d ago

Man I wish I lived close to those areas and could be an extra. That'd be so damn awesome!

alycakes3713d ago

I'd be there in a minute too.

Sahil3712d ago

no worries. Christopher Nolan is the writer and producer for this movie. I'm sure he won't let us down.

JL3712d ago

Actually he's only the producer. David Goyer is the writer.

Sahil3712d ago

Goyer and Nolan, they both are the writers.

JL3712d ago

Well Nolan helped Goyer outline the story. But he had no part in actually writing the screenplay. Though, come to think of it, Jonathan might have helped a bit with the screenplay.

tarbis3712d ago

I'm excited to see this film in IMAX. The problem with Superman movies is that he don't have enough strong villains to counter this "ultimate boys scout", except for Superman 2 which is the best Superman movie of all. YOU WILL KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!
What Superman needs is a villain that will force him to compromise his principles. Someone like Darkseid, a villain that will attack where it really hurts, or Brainiac. Enough with Lex Luthor, he's not that menacing nor threatening. Batman can deal with him w/o breaking a sweat.
What separates Superman and Batman are the types of villains they face. Batman faces villains that targets his weaknesses. Supes faces villains that challenges his incredible powers in which he just shrugs it off.
But make no mistake I'm a big Superman fan and I only wish that he has better villains to face in his films just like in the comics.
I hope Michael Shannon can top Terence Stamp's Zod.

JL3712d ago

Darkseid would be cool. Or Brainiac. And I do agree Luthor is getting a bit played out at this point. Good thing it's Zod this time around (though he's been done too and there's so many others they could do that haven't been done).

What I'm hoping for, though, imagine this: Nolan brings out Bane next year and breaks Batman's back. Then he focuses on helping Snyder along with the Superman franchise. This time could be Zod. Maybe next time we get Darkseid or Brainiac. Then, for the third and final movie: Doomsday. And we all know what Doomsday is famous for. It would provide a conclusion like Bane breaking Batman's back. Then, in one way or another, we could see Nolan being behind "killing" both Batman and Superman. That would be pretty epic.

alycakes3712d ago

Yes...I like Zod but I would love to have Brainiac come into you said JL. That would make for a great movie.

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