'Lone Ranger': Director, Producer Offer to Trim Fees as Budget Battle Rages

THR Writes:
Will the Lone Ranger cry "Hi-ho Silver!" or ride into the sunset? Disney shocked Hollywood by pulling the plug Aug. 12 on the $250 million-budgeted Western, which was scheduled to enter production in the fall with Johnny Depp starring as Tonto. While the studio is giving director Gore Verbinski a week to rework the script and bring costs down significantly, many associated with the project believe the budget pressures are too drastic to salvage the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced movie as it was conceived and developed.

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alycakes3722d ago

I think they're going to have to do a whole lot of cutting before they can get this made. Disney and even MGM have been having money problems for some time now...they just keep hanging by a thread and hoping that someone will keep bringing in more money than they spend.