SPL!NG Review: Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

Cowboys & Indians – sure, Cowboys & Kung Fu – fine, but aliens in the Wild West? Go on, pull the other pulsating tentacle. Isn’t that why Bravestarr was relocated to a planet called New Texas? If only someone had whispered in Jon Favreau’s ear, “it’s a comedy”. Instead, the Iron Man director has gone and dropped the “funny” out of “seriously funny” in this comic book adaptation, wielding a straight-to-video idea with a blockbuster budget and no one’s having it.

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nyobzoo3722d ago

my friend liked it and that's all the reason I need to watch it

-MD-3722d ago

I haven't heard many positive things about the film, the cast is decent enough and the director is solid but everyone that went opening night told me to steer clear.

I'll probably watch it one night when I'm baked out of my skull but I'm in no rush.

spling3721d ago

If you're mainly driven by visuals, you'll like. If you need more than that... good luck.