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Empire Big Screen ‘11: Nicolas Winding Refn Says ‘Wonder Woman’ A Go If He Does ‘Logan’s Run’ Right

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More and more of The Playlist team are catching up with Nicolas Winding Refn‘s “Drive,” and every one of us that has seen it has loved it: it’s easily one of the best movies of the year. The film was the secret screening at Empire Big Screen in London on Saturday night (we’ll have a full review later), and Refn came up for a Q&A afterwards, moderated by the magazine’s Damon Wise, which revealed a few insights into his top-notch crime drama, as well as an update on the status on what Refn hopes will be his biggest film to date. Below, ten highlights from the Q&A. Warning: some mild spoilers for “Drive” may be ahead.

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alycakes3712d ago

I remember the first Logans was an okay movie. Now with all the extras they use to make movies I can see them making it an awesome movie.

I would also like to see Wonder Woman get made. After all, all these superhero movies are being done...give the ladies a chance.