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Another Crash On Batman Set

Splash News Wrties:
Batman ‘Dark Knight Rises’ continued to have issues today as the BatWing was semi-wrecked during a scene after hitting a large stop light in the streets of Pittsburgh.

The crew had to stop the scene after the wing came off the BatWing!

Earlier in the week during a scene with Catwoman, a stunt double broke an expensive IMAX camera after smashing into it.

The Batwing was being chased by the enemy in the streets before the accident.

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Sahil3714d ago

literally salivating more every day at the thought of this film - ya better not let me down, Batman!!

alycakes3713d ago

Me too....I don't think it will let us down...after all the work and trouble they go thru...look at those wings! They are huge!

alycakes3713d ago

Well, it's really not's a picture here and there and a small scene here and there but you never really know what's going on or what the story is behind it so the way I figure the movie when we go see it for the first time...I still think we will all be blown away by the whole thing.