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New Research Says That Spoilers Are Good For You

From TMP:

Spoilers are a big deal in the film community, and websites the world over are adamant about keeping spoilers properly marked in order to warn those who don't want to 'ruin' a movie. But a new research study has discovered that spoilers may actually be good for you.

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darklordzor3726d ago

I personally don't care if a movie is spoiled. On the whole, I'm more interested in how a film is put together and how it works on screen, than being surprised by the story.

Quagmire3725d ago

I was pissed when my friend told me the twist about Christian Bale's character in The Prestige, only to be surprised by the twist of Hugh Jackman's character

IndependenceFilm3725d ago

I find it to be completely untrue that spoilers are not important. If that was the case, would 'The Sixth Sens'e be as good as a movie if I told you the secret beforehand? Or would it just take away the suspense and emotion from the film? Films wouldn't be as exciting if it just had advertised it's secret endings, there would be no 'wow'. But then again, that's only my view.

darklordzor3725d ago

I see what you're saying, but not all film's need a big secret or surprise in order to 'wow' an audience. It could be the high concepts of Inception, or the simple fun and beautiful filmmaking of Scott Pilgrim, or even the sprawling epic of Lord of the Rings. Those films all have a wow factor that didn't require a surprise to do so. Hell with Lord of the Rings based off of a book, you can say it's already 100% spoiled, but it was still a incredible series of films to watch.

gaden_malak3724d ago

Someone told me the 6th sense ending before I saw it. Not a chance I wouldn't have enjoyed it less not knowing the ending.

alycakes3725d ago

They've never ruined anything for me. They don't really tell anything about the actual story so that's what's important.

-MD-3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Spoilers of any kind piss me off to no end.

Someone spoiled the killer in Heavy Rain and it made that game boring as hell to play through because I knew exactly what was going to happen the whole time. How is that fun? Telling me who lives at the end of an action movie... how is that fun? I'm watching all these action scenes play out and I know exactly what's going to happen.

Totally ruins the experience for me.