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'The Dark Knight Rises' Set: Batwing, Tumblers, Catwoman Footage (Video)

The Huffington Post Wrties:
By now, with all the detailed footage that paparazzi have captured on the city street set, Christopher Nolan and the producers of "The Dark Knight Rises" must just desperately want to get out of Pittsburgh. Unfortunately for them, we now know what their getaway vehicles might look like, too.

Then again, they are pretty sweet looking rides.

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alycakes3715d ago

Be sure to go to the main story because there's more than one video to see.

alycakes3714d ago

Actually the Catwoman here I believe is the stunt woman filling in for the real actress...if you look close enough, you can tell.

darklordzor3714d ago

I'm sure it is. If it requires actual driving and stuff like that, they will use a stunt double. When the vehicle is on a set track/path driven by someone else, they'll use the real star for close-ups and such.

Peaceful_Jelly3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

One of the best features of Anne Hathaway are her lips and on that vid, not only her lips but her entire jaw looks... Not as sexy?

edit: the description says that she's a stunt-double.

darklordzor3714d ago

Sadly, I'm starting to feel much like I did when all the TDKR casting news was coming out...overloaded. I'm sorry, but every little set pic that shows a new angle doesn't deserve it's own full news post. It's just too much and I feel overwhelmed by this movie.

alycakes3714d ago

Yeah! I can tell the difference and sometimes when there's a fight I watch to see if it's the real actor or the stunt person...I know it shouldn't matter but when the movie is really takes me away and I don't notice while I'm actually watching it. Then again sometimes it's too obvious not to notice.

RufustheKing3714d ago

your right the boobs ain't big enough *pervert heavy breathing*

RazMaTaz01213714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

She has a nice tush lol


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