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'Footloose' Trailer Released, Can Remake Live Up To Kevin Bacon Class?

The Huffington Post:
Remaking a classic is hard to do, but that doesn't mean that people will stop trying.

The idea of an updated "Footloose" has been met with skepticism for lovers of the 1984 Kevin Bacon classic.

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alycakes3724d ago

I have always liked the Kevin Bacon version so I don't know that I even need to see this new one. I may or may not give it a chance. It's really not my type of movie anymore so I really doubt that I would spend money to see it. I do believe it will be a success at the box office since the younger crowd is into this type of movie these days.....we'll have to wait and see how well.

Soldierone3724d ago

I'm sorry but the only thing I could think of was that Direct TV( ?) commercial where the guy says he is obsessed with Kevin Bacon lol....

alycakes3724d ago

The one where it's actually Kevin Bacon making the commercial about himself? I love that's so funny.

nyobzoo3723d ago

better question should be, why are they even remaking this?

alycakes3723d ago

You know...that is a good question. I really don't know why they would. I guess with the success of Glee and musical movie that have been of late, they thougt it was a good idea but I'm not really sure it's going to be that great of a box office draw.