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New Set Photos from 'The Avengers'

The Collider:
Three ginormous superhero productions are currently filming across the country: The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel and The Avengers. While it’s exciting to know that these movies are one step closer to being released into theaters for all of us to judge see, we’re also suffering from a bit of a set photo bonanza. The productions are filming a number of scenes on location, which is great for the finished film, but that also means that passersby have been snapping photos every chance they get. I love enthusiasm, but I’d rather not see each of these highly anticipated movies piece-by-piece by way of Joe Schmo’s shitty camera zoom over the next year.

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alycakes3723d ago

Looks like they're breaking down buildings and smashing up cars too....good for them.

Lord_Sloth3723d ago

Aside from Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Nick Fury any of the Avengers are more than capable of destroying a building.

Remember that Captain America busted Pym's jaw with an I beam.

belal3723d ago

but you know, it's hulk. he likes to smash cars...

HULK smash!!!!

alycakes3723d ago

I think it's going to be lots of fun to watch all the chaos and destruction.

darklordzor3723d ago

Yeah the action in this movie is sure to be awesome. I don't think I was ever in doubt about that. My only concern remains the story and how they will pull that off.

RyuStrife3723d ago

Pretty crazy. I'd like to see how it'll be done as well, story wise.

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