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10 Best Brad Pitt Performances

Kevyn Knox writes:

"Brad Pitt is considered a pretty boy and therefore does not get the great respect that he deserves. Easily one of the best actors of his generation, Pitt is often seen more as a movie star than as an actor — but that is selling this quite remarkable actor far too short. I am here this week to set the record, as it were, straight. Here are his 10 best performances."

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Sahil3722d ago

haha.. I loved his performance in burn after reading, unique character ;)

mpejko3721d ago

Yep, big fan of Brad Pitt. Don't agree with the order of things, but great performances all around.

alycakes3720d ago

I think they left out his most important movie of all time. I'm not even a fan but I can watch this movie over and over. His performance is raw and inspiring. I love this movie and him in it. 'Legends of the Fall'....that's Brad Pitt's best movie performance.

Lord_Sloth3720d ago

So long as Tyler motha-fuckin Durden made the list. I'm happy.

RyuStrife3720d ago

Wow, se7en is in there. I like his performance in that.

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