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Johnny Depp's 'The Lone Ranger' Shut Down By Disney

Disney has halted production on Jerry Bruckheimer and Gore Verbinski's 'The Lone Ranger' which was slated to star Johnny Depp.

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Johnny Jiron3726d ago

Yeesh, guess having a billion dollar franchise behind you doesnt woo much in the way of support.

Quagmire3726d ago

Wow, this does not bode well for a fifth and sixth Pirates film if Gore, Depp and Bruckheimer arent getting along with Disney.

Disney is truly going down the shitter.

Sahil3726d ago

This isn't the first time Disney may have shot itself in the foot with Bruckheimer. After the "Pearl Harbor" fiasco, they made Bruckheimer sign a deal for the first "Pirates" movie where he took more of the risk. When the movie struck gold, he got a correspondingly larger share of the profits.

Soldierone3726d ago

I know Disney can make some dirty moves here and there, but I somewhat agree with this decision. For starters, Bruckheimer might be making Pirate gold but that shouldn't mean he becomes an executive and gets what he wants. He isn't Nolan, everything he touches doesn't auto turn into gold. Prince of Persia? Decent movie, but Disney didn't get what they wanted from it. There are plenty of others.

Plus like stated by the studio, its a western and those movies are not doing well at all right now. Not only did Cowboys and Aliens not do so well, but Rango had little interest in it too. Personally living in the desert the last thing I want to watch is a movie in the desert.

Quagmire3725d ago

Pirates wasnt a viable theme for a film until Depp came aboard either. Think about that.

People would watch this less because it is a western, but more because of Depp being cast in it.

I wouldnt have bothered watching it otherwise, had it been released without him.

Soldierone3725d ago

Depp was also used to try and sell the likes of Rango. I think that combined with Cowboys and Aliens under achieving made Disney double think things. If I was them I wouldn't be tossing money into this one just yet either, i would need some persuasion. Especially after I was promised Prince of Persia becoming a new Pirates, and not getting anything close to it.

Personally I don't see the need for a massive budget either. It doesn't need a big Pirates or Green Lantern sized budget, there is no need for it. I see the movie doing fine, but not pushing big numbers, and I think thats where the issue arises. I'm not saying I DONT want to see it, but I agree with the fact Disney tosses a number and its either accept it or leave it cus its not "that" important.

alycakes3726d ago

I think it would have done better than most westerns being that Johnny Depp is always a good box office draw but who ever pays the bills does the talking so we don't get a say in the matter. However, the that leaves Depp to concentrate more on his other projects and he's got a lot of them so it's not like he's out of a job....not worried one bit.