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30 Minutes or Less Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Amara looks at the new comedy and says that despite some laughs, the movie fails to deliver.

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Soldierone3717d ago

People are taking this movie WAY too seriously, in my opinion.

The movie is so outrageous that you just need to let yourself go and laugh at everything. I mean look at the acting, its very talented the way they did it. jesse had to tone things down here and there so it fits the movie well. It wasn't made to be anything serious. The only time it felt slow to me was the un-needed strip club scene, they could of found a way to explain that part of the story more creatively.

I think we are seeing the makings of a cult classic to be honest.

(BTW Can you explain what you mean by "dialogue to be repeated in the post-emo era"

Johnny Jiron3717d ago

I found it fun, and the audience I was with were all laughing throughout. Granted the audience itself was maybe 30+/-.

Sahil3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

2/5 really? guess, I need to see the movie now, don't believe it.

Garethvk3716d ago

I agree with alot of what Amara said. I did find it a bit funnier than her but the film really did drag in the middle.