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Leon Kennedy to Finally Show Up

We’re getting a fifth Resident Evil movie. I don’t like wrapping my mind around that sentence but writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson and star Milla Jovovich couldn’t care less what I like. Bloody-Disgusting reports that the two have signed on for Resident Evil: Retribution. Of course, there are still characters from the video games that haven’t been put into the movies so three cheers for fan-service. Sienna Guillory tweeted in March that she would reprising her role as Jill Valentine, but BD reports that the part is being recast. The production is also casting for Barry Burton (who first appeared in Resident Evil 3 and most recently in DLC for Resident Evil 5) and fan-favorite Leon Kennedy. The character was reported dead in Resident Evil: Apocalypse but Anderson looks like he’ll be making good on his promise that he’ll bring Leon into the mix for the fifth movie. No word if Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) or Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller) will return.

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alycakes3717d ago

Well I for one am glad there's going to be another one. I like the Resident Evil movies. They are kinda fun to watch. I like Alice....I love her style of fighting and I never get tired of watching it.

DarkBlood3717d ago

i wonder who they will choose for leon i wouldnt be suprise it if was Jensen Ackles from supernatural, i would be fine with that i mean he kind of looks the part for it with his hair n everything

but yeah GO leon lol, favourite of mine from the game series

-MD-3715d ago

I think these movies would have been a lot better without Alice personally but I'm a fan of the video games it's based on.

Actually these movies would have been a lot better with a different director too.

RyuStrife3717d ago

I don't mind the movie, but Alice was really random, and then all the characters started to fall in.

Lord_Sloth3717d ago

Good god will you stop making these stupid movies!? My friend loves 'em so I end up having to sit through them all the time and it's very annoying!

Wasn't destroying Wesker enough? Now you have to destroy Leon too?

mrmikew20183717d ago

The last movie was God awful, I saw it on Netflix and it's really shame what they're doing with the characters.

FlashXIII3717d ago

Brilliant another craptastic resident evil movie. The last one in some scenes tried to hard to be cool in a the matrix sort of way and just failed miserably. The best thing they could possibly do with this is pull the plug and do a franchise reboot and stick more to the horror side of it.

Zechs343717d ago

Uh Barry Burton first appeared in the first ever Resident Evil Game, not 3, or DLC. Just thought Id throw that out there.

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