Kill List Teaser Trailer is Released writes "With a reletivly small budget of £1/2mill Ben Wheatly has written and directed what is being called the "scariest Hitman Film Ever" and one of the best British Film of the year."

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drdistracto7073726d ago

I'm sorry but with a 500k budget there is absolutely no excuse that your movie looks like it was shot on a Canon DSLR.

For god's sake 35mm film is pocket change at half a mil.

Sahil3725d ago

even with a 500K budget they can afford 35mm film, so why does it look like it was shot digital... I mean for god's sake at least go for RED or Alexa, this looks like it was shot on a 7D

drdistracto7073725d ago

it looks like your copy paste is in working order