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Andy Serkis: Why Won't Oscars Go Ape Over Motion-Capture Acting?

Andy Serkis feels that actors performances in motion-capture roles deserve Oscar nominations. He thinks there is no difference to the work put into the performance.

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Soldierone3727d ago

You can't even get the Oscars to respect animation, let alone motion capture. Its the same group of people that think Video games are absolutely nothing compared to movies, yet they still have big budgets, bit sets, and hired actors for their parts. I'm not saying video games and movies deserve the same awards show, but they both should be respected entertainment mediums.

I honestly don't see things changing until the older people are replaced with a younger generation of people. Its like your Grandma never wanting to touch a computer or cell phone just because thats how she is.

Quagmire3726d ago

Screw an oscar for his performance in Apes, the man deserves a special award for his contribution to Cinema and its emerging technologies, backed by his motion capture work on Kong, Rings, Apes, TinTin, and to a lesser extent Heavenly Sword and Enslaved.

Soldierone3726d ago

It would be one of those special awards they give out to big actors and actresses that have helped "change the cinema" I agree with that. However even with that I still don't see it happening anytime soon, perhaps when he is older and (like I said) a younger group of people are the ones handing out the awards.