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Dark Knight Rises Set Video Shows Joseph Gordon-Levitt Filming With Batmobile

CinemaBlend says:

The Dark Knight Rises continues to shoot in Pittsburgh and apparently there’s still absolutely no security anywhere around the set when they’re out on the street making movie magic, because here’s yet another rather clear video of the happenings there. This one is the first to give us a look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the film, in this case shooting a scene where he’s walking through the snow near the Batmobile.

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xVeZx3729d ago

hes robin i know he is

Yi-Long3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

... I'm a big fan of Robin (especially Tim Drake), but if they're gonna use Robin in the movie, I feel it really does have to be a very young teenage actor portraying him, and not a 20-something year old dude...

In the comics, Robin is a KID. He needs to be portrayed as such, especially if we're talking about him first getting 'adopted' by the Batman.

I also hate that about the Spider-Man movies btw. Peter Parker is supposed to be a skinny small 15 year old or something when he gets bitten by the spider and becomes Spider-Man, yet they keep casting full-grown actors who are already in their twenties...(!)

It's just stupid.

Grandclover3728d ago

They won't go the "kid" route with robin, not in a Nolan film. Not that i don't think your right, but the movies are geared for a much older audience so it would be hard to see a 15 year old boy hold his own against banes legions or the fact that in "these" films people are dieing in very real in your face ways i just don't think they'll put the image of a young kid when that the feel there trying to give here. PS Joseph Gordon-Levitt did this guy blow up or what lol. Still on the fence with him. I like his work, him as a person bugs me a lil, i know weird.

Yi-Long3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

... that somehow having a kid in such a movie would mean the movie and the world it depicts would have to be less violent somehow...

Personally, I've never understood that logic of thinking. In real life, kids are being placed in mature situations all the time. Parents die by illnesses, accidents or violence, kids are caught up in wars or gang-related incidents, etc etc. And they cope with it. They have to. That's drama, but also reality.

As far as I'm concerned, using an actual kid in the role of Robin would make the violence, and the setting of that violence in that created world, all the more powerful. And Robin, as a kid, could very well deal with all that.

Will parentgroups complain? Probably. So what. Let them.

Grandclover3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

lol, so its western to not want a robin in a adult movie potintally killing people at 15? yup im a stupid american. I wonder how many "western" blockbusters you've raved about. I wonder how much you like that "western" freedom to even be on the internet. We get it the world sucks in reality, so why drill that into our childrens head, why is it stupid to try and hold on to a speck of innocense before they do grow up. This has nothing to do with parent groups, adult movies should and can be viewed by adults and i agree with that, but i do not like going into a gore fest movie and having 12 year olds infront of me with no adult figure to help them process the adult images there getting. That "western" thinking has givin the world alot. Just thought your should now.

Yi-Long3728d ago

... ... why are you now making stuff up that I didn't say, and apparantly reacting quite oversensitive to it as well...!?

You might want to cool down, relax, and then read my actual message again...