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'Good Will Hunting' Blu Ray Review From Project-Blu

With the low price point and high quality, this release is no risk, all reward, and belongs in any self respecting film collection. A major, major step up from the very old DVD release, and a nice improvement over the import Blu-ray, Lionsgate did a great job here, in what may be Project-Blu's favorite Miramax release from them to date, in terms of quality. Get it!

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Sahil3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Simply amazing, I can watch this 10-times a day and not get bored, Damon and Williams are fantastic.

gaden_malak3722d ago

Love the apples comment, such a classic,

Grandclover3723d ago

Agreed, great movie, funny, heartwarming, funny, lol. Also Minnie i need to say more.