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'The Walking Dead': What Really Happened to Fired Showrunner Frank Darabont

THR says:

The cast is "scared," the crew is crushed after Darabont is canned while working to fix an episode that a director turned in with unusable footage.

When Frank Darabont appeared on a Comic-Con panel July 22 to promote The Walking Dead, he didn't realize he was a dead man walking. Neither did the cast and crew. Everyone was shocked when news broke three days later that AMC had taken the extraordinary step of firing Darabont from the network's biggest ratings hit.

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Crazay3719d ago

This frightens me - I thought Darabont was doing a fantastic job on the show. Is it possible that someone at AMC is looking to kill this show? It sure feels like it.

reznik_zerosum3719d ago

show was boring and filled with cliché of any zombie horror movie,let it die

alycakes3717d ago

I thought so too...and I think he got a raw deal. Maybe he was just a little too expensive for them or too demanding or picky but he was doing a good job so they can't say he wasn't good because the ratings were great.

RyuStrife3719d ago

I guess we'll see if we have success without him. If something happens, we'll blame AMC for it.

Grandclover3719d ago

It could bomb. If you have a good thing going why mess with it. I really like this show so fingers crossed.

andron3719d ago

Haven't watched TWD yet, but I love Mad Men. I hope AMC don't mess up their hit shows for some easy money, it'll only hurt them in the long run...

xVeZx3719d ago

wow they fired him i thought he quit