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Zack Snyder’s arty, unique and worn out style returns in the form of 5, scantily clad, girls battling it out of a terrible institution, Lennox House. After being sexually abused by her father, Baby doll’s thrown into Lennox house and ends up becoming one of Blue’s dancing-girls. After meeting four other girls, all impressed by Baby’s dancing, the five come up with a plan to escape the mental asylum before Baby Doll has to dance for the high roller.

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newn4gguy3729d ago

Are critics pretentious by nature or is it developed?

Sucker Punch is a good movie. Get over yourselves, critics.

Inthrax3729d ago

Don't you feel that there was so much lack-lusting moments? As I hear a lot, Sucker Punch feels like a pop music video or computer game. Maybe too many adolescent males are too drawn in by the all female cast and believe it's the best film ever?

Grandclover3728d ago

lol, wouldnt let me put my comment here, read below.

Grandclover3728d ago

lol, a lil harsh on the guys but ok. I liked it thought the story was great made you think kept you guessing. It was a BEAutiful movie CGI was sleek and clean and the music was nice. The dragon scene in HD is amazing. I hated the ending but no ending is going to make me appricaite the journy any less. Plus as far as the guy thing goes, i watched it with my GF and even she agreed that is felt geared for the NEW kind of lady out there the ones who can be just as Geeky as us guy nerds, they like action and pretty explosions too. I would have given it a 3/5 mainly because the ending just made me sad. 1/5 maybe a lil to harsh on artistic movie that admitatly was out on a lim.