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Top 5 Catwoman Costumes Better than Anne Hathaway’s

CalmDownTom says, "While we’re sure the casting and costume will make sense when we get to the cinema, we thought we would list some of the better Catwoman costumes we have seen over the years."

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jwalkerz3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

i like this outfit

Sahil3730d ago

That is sweeeet, anne hathway in that one.. Hahh!

darklordzor3730d ago

I still don't think it's that bad. Does it look like Catwoman? Not exactly but there is still a bunch of things we don't know about this movie. Can't we at least wait until we see everything before doing these kinds of articles?

koouunn3730d ago

man people r really pissed off about the costume, you guys just need to relax, you have seen 1 picture and you are all freaking out.
just wait till you see more then make your judgement


darklordzor3730d ago

Yep! Trust in Nolan. I have a bunch of it, that's why I'm not worried at all.

bebojet3729d ago

Trust in Nolan. In Batman Begins, Bruce didn't started fighting crime with a bad-ass suit. It took a few trial and errors.

Grandclover3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Her suit will come together no doubt. I remember my first catwoman comic i got in the 90's had catwomans clevege going down past her belly button. It wasn't on the cover and when my mom saw it she coverd the suit up with pen. lol every page (i was like 8)

DarkBlood3729d ago

lol she really brought down the value of that comic

newn4gguy3729d ago

More power to your mom, man. At least she's trying to be a good parent.

nyobzoo3723d ago

the only problem I have is the costume that character is called catwoman and there's nothing on the new costume that says cat