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Bruce Willis Set For G.I. Joe 2

Action Sequel G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation is reportedly on the brink of adding a heavyweight name to its cast in the form of Bruce Willis, and Paramount are looking to lock him in to star as the original G.I Joe, General Joe Colton.

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Grandclover3729d ago

Beyond cool. I can not get enough of this guy, great actor.

Sahil3728d ago

DON'T DO IT BRUCE!!! Have you not seen the first one!? ...So horrible!

darklordzor3728d ago

Yeah after the first film I am actually sad that Bruce Willis would take a role in this sequel. Maybe this is a sign though that things will be better, and that we'll have actual action stars this time.

alycakes3726d ago

I think he'd be great in it and it would also be great for the movie. I like Bruce Willis...he's a great addition to any movie...drama or comedy.