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TBS Cancels ‘Lopez Tonight’ | TVoTV

The Voice Of TV: Well, so much for trying to help out TBS’ late night lineup. The man who helped persuade to bring Conan O’Brien to cable television is now going to be out of a job – the question is, does it bother us? Hosted by George Lopez, the TBS original late night show ‘Lopez Tonight‘ will be airing its final episode tomorrow night. The show was never considered to be of the quality of network television’s popular late night shows that includes David Letterman, Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, and Craig Ferguson, but managed to meet some success when it debuted last year at the 11PM EST slot, thirty minutes before the competition.

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Grandclover4020d ago

I watched it a couple of times (usually by fluke) It was entertaining. Don't know what there going to replace it with, reruns?

xVeZx4019d ago

once conan came on tbs im sure even george lopez knew he was done...

alycakes4016d ago

Good....I didn't like him anyway.