'The Smurfs 2' Coming to Theaters in 2013

While the movie looks pretty stupid (I hate this whole cheesy hybrid move that all cartoon-to-feature-film movies are doing these days) and critics haven’t been at all impressed by it, The Smurfs seems to have managed to do pretty well in theaters. It narrowly missed topping Cowboys & Aliens in its opening week.

Evidently Sony is pretty pleased with how it’s done as well as they have now announced a sequel for the movie.

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darklordzor3730d ago


Why can't parents just say no to their kids and instead encourage them to watch good movies? I mean, there are plenty of great kid movies (I know, I show them to my son all the time) out there, that we don't have to go to the crap that comes out.

JL3730d ago

And whats weird is that Smurfs were before the time of kids today. So its not like there's an established fanbase of kids for the Smurfs.

darklordzor3729d ago

Exactly! The real audience for this are the parents who actually grew up on this show. I don't get why they couldn't try and cater to that crowd just a little bit more.

gaden_malak3728d ago

What is a good movie is opinion.

Sahil3730d ago

My childhood raped by this "movie"...