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Why Did I Watch...Day of the Dead (2008)?

CouchBound's Evan Killham writes:

"Why Did I Watch…? is about movies I know I’ll hate but watch anyway. Usually this happens late at night when nothing on my Netflix Instant Queue fits my mood. For this installment, I’m talking about Day of the Dead. The one made in 2008, I mean. Not the reasonably good one."

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Bathyj3730d ago

Why did I read the "Why did I watch" article?

Sahil3730d ago

This was the worst film ever made in history. Fcuking vegetarian zombies and even worse, bullet dodging super zombies. What a complete steaming pile of shit. Doesn't hold a candle to the far superior 1985 original. Oh and... zombies don't fucking run let alone climb walls, crawl along ceilings and take up fcuking free running.

caseh3730d ago

ROFLMFAO! I thought I had seen this film but what you have said just made me realise i've not seen it.

Vegetarian Zombies, bullet dodging super zombies, running zombies, climbing zombies, ceiling crawling zombies and free running zombies...i've got an overwhelming urge to watch this now lol. :D

FlashXIII3730d ago

I'm a huge zombie film fan and didn't mind the day of the dead remake. Recorded it to rewatch when it was on a few nights ago but it was a lot better than quite a few zombie films I've seen. However yeah, no zombie film comes close to the original day of the dead nor dawn of the dead.

newhumanbreed3730d ago

I thought Survival of the Dead was bad until I decided to watch this movie.