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Awesome Video Games Based on Movies

TMP: "I got to review a game recently and to many this chance wouldn’t be all that exciting. It was Captain America and after being punished by Sega with Thor I wasn’t too excited either. You see video games and movies have always had a very volatile relationship. Either Hollywood is messing up a video game by making it a movie that has nothing to do with the game. Or a developer is creating a really crappy game based off a movie to make a quick buck.

However Captain America wasn’t like this, it was actually good, but reviews don’t seem to agree. If you look at it, a lot of reviewers didn’t seem to even give the game a chance and auto bashed it simply for being based on a movie. Meanwhile the fans that have played the game and created user reviews have loved it. So it got me thinking….what other games based off of movies were actually fun to play?"

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darklordzor3720d ago

Those Lord of the Rings games were incredibly fun to play. They are very repetitive, but there was something so relaxing and entertaining about slashing through hundreds of orcs at these pivotal locations. Hell you probably could have listed the Battle For Middle-Earth games on here too. Those were great RTS games.

Thought I will disagree about Transformers...I hated that game (and I'm none to pleased with Captain America either). KOTOR is still one of the most amazing games I've ever played, but I will say that I actually still play the old SNES Star Wars games.

Soldierone3719d ago

I don't know if its because I went from Thor to Captain America or what, but I really enjoyed the game. The early levels were like wtf this is just as bad as Thor, but as you get going it opens up a bit and has an open world style to it so I really enjoyed it.

As for Transformers I wasnt a HUGE fan of it, but it was a pretty good movie game. It was nominated for several awards too .

nyobzoo3713d ago

if you look there are some good Video Games Based on Movies, just that 90% of them are bad