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The Fall of the Blockbuster?

Jim Turnbull writes:

"The year is 2011. People are queuing up outside their movie theater, popcorn in hand, eagerly anticipating a screening of the latest blockbuster, Transformers: Dark of the Moon.Now lets rewind to 1957. People are doing exactly the same, but are off to see the critically acclaimed, Oscar sweeping, and highest grossing film in that particular year, Bridge on the River Kwai."

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Grandclover3729d ago

I'm a Blockbuster hound. I doubt that pengulam will swing back. Blockbusters are just so in your face and packed with action, some with laughs, some with I just don't see them every going away unless we as a society take a drastic shift in how our brains work. Life out there kinda stinks right now so it's nice to just turn your brain off and enjoy a CGI, Explosion filled, action pack, laughathon.

alycakes3721d ago

I get that totally. I like to go see action packed dramas. Suspense filled spy movies and dark thrillers with lots of action and shootem ups. Sometimes you just want to sit down and watch and yes, laugh because even some of the dark stuff they show is funny sometimes.