Emma Stone and Dennis Leary on Amazing Spiderman

Emma Stine has slowly build up her career in cult films such as Zombieland and Superbad and her role in Easy A cemented her status as a future leading lady. Now that she is playing Gwen Stacy in the upcoming spider-man film, her star is surely to rise even higher.

But with the build up to Amazing Spider-man slowly rising, Stone is doing her best to keep her feet on the ground. In an interview with Collider she said the following on how fans may ract to the reboot.

We’ll have to see. It’s that expectation thing. I always struggle with expecting anything, so I don’t know what people are expecting from Spider-Man! It’s like that with The Help, too, when you’re part of a movie that has a fan base already built in and it feels like everyone has [already] read the script!”

Usually, you [only] know the story as the actor, but [in this case] everyone has read the book or everyone has read the comics, and they come in with these expectations. You just hope that they’ll be happy with the way the story was told and the way it was translated for the screen.

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Peaceful_Jelly3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

This looks like Twilight. And don't pick on my comment because of my avatar. =/

RyuStrife3730d ago

So why is Gwen Stacy so important in this reboot version?? I thought Mary Jane is more important.