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Look In The Sky. It's ... Neurosis Man

From TMP:

As a fan of film in general, I tend to go to the movies at least four times a month. But this number is never in more flux than in the summer and even more so since “The Dark Knight” showed producers that a film based on a comic can print money. However, I am disturbed by (and I am sure many of my fellow geeks can appreciate this) the sudden inundation of “Meh”-genre comic book movies. These are the kind of films that don't quite reach that “so bad it's good” status, like Super Mario Bros. or Superman II, but they certainly aren't good enough to warrant a re-watch or to stand amongst the greats (such as Iron Man and The Dark Knight). After seeing three comic book movies in a relatively short amount of time, I think I have a few theories as to what separates the “greats” from the “goods” and the “goods” from the “mehs.”

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Grandclover3726d ago

Its all about money, the ones that shine are the ones that have die hards on the set saying "No iron man wouldn't do that" its that kind of tug of war with network heads that i think make good movies.