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Lionsgate to Release 'The Hunger Games' Sequel 'Catching Fire' on November 22, 2013

The Collider:
Lionsgate either has tremendous faith in Gary Ross’s adaptation of The Hunger Games or they’re just going to forge ahead whether they’ve got a good movie or not. The studio has announced they will release the second movie in the series, Catching Fire, on November 22, 2013. For a movie about people going hungry, I guess the Thanksgiving weekend is a good a time as any. As we previously reported, the books are a trilogy but Lionsgate plans to break Book 3, Mockingjay, into two parts even though it’s the weakest novel.

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darklordzor3533d ago

I think we saw this coming. I mean, they pretty much already announced they were set to make the trilogy. So whether or not the first one fails, they are dead set on making it. I just hope the first movie is awesome and this becomes a moot point.

Still I'm not encouraged by this trend of studios announcing sequel release dates far in advance of the first movie coming out (Spider-Man I'm looking at you)...

alycakes3532d ago

I totally agree darklordzor, I am hopeful that it will be a success so that the second one will not be in vain. I think the story itself is a great story and will make for a wonderful trilogy......

darklordzor3532d ago

Yeah, the story is one of the best I've read, and the limited way it's written is perfectly suited for the big screen. Since it's all from her perspective, it doesn't go into the more esoteric aspects of the story. It stays simple because that's her view of it. The entire time I was reading the series I kept thinking how well it would work on film because of that.