Hear Tom Hardy As Bane On The Dark Knight Rises Set

CinemaBlend says:

The Pittsburgh shoot of The Dark Knight Rises has provided endless opportunities for reporting in the last few weeks, giving us everything from our first look at Bane in costume to a shot of Anne Hathaway on the set that may be Selina Kyle in resortwear, but is probably just Hathaway herself trying to stay cool. Over the weekend production moved over to the football stadium Heinz Field, where a game between the Gotham City Rogues-- as depicted by actual Pittsburgh Steelers player-- and the Rapid City Monuments got interrupted by Bane himself. The production has been so canny about spoilers that we still don't know exactly what's going on at the game, but a video snagged by an extra in the stadium (via gives us both a sense of the action and our first listen to Tom Hardy in character as Bane. Check it out below:

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Grandclover4026d ago

lol, it needs to go through a voice thingy (ya like my technical jargan) It just sounded funny not terrorising, which is what id expect form bane.

Crazay4026d ago

I thought he sounded like a pretentious snotty brit.

Sahil4026d ago

This can't be the actual voice they use for Bane. That's the least intimidating voice I've ever heard in my life. Michael Jackson sounded more threatening than this dude. They have to be doing some type of voice dub in post-production.

alycakes4026d ago

Yeah...he doesn't sound too bad to me....we took take him on.