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Movie Theatre Etiquette: Please Shut Up

Those were the days when cinema was an experience that was shared with the whole crowds. But recently, there is a lack of respect that audiences have for the film and those around them.

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darklordzor3733d ago

I completely agree. It's almost to the point where I don't enjoy going to the theater anymore because of having to deal with these idiots that don't shut up. Fortunately being that I don't care, I get up and approach these people and tell them to either shut up or get out.

Still it's a issue that's getting worse and worse. Anymore I only go to the earliest showtime so that there will only be me and a couple others in the theater.

kulka3732d ago

I agree these idiots are normally located down the back of the theatre

alycakes3731d ago

I'm with you on that too. I also go to the showing when there is less people there so I know I won't have to put up with them. I like to be able to focus on my movie. After all we pay good, hard earned money for the pleasure of having a couple of hours of entertainment and it's not entertainment from over grown brats.