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The Dark Knight Rises: Good Quality Video of Batman and Bane Fighting

Comic Book Movie:
Local news station WPXI Pittsburgh has four minutes worth of the melee. I also included two curious pictures of the cops looking up at something. What could it be?


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Quagmire3732d ago

Is anyone else sick of all these spoilers? Its really ruining the fun for me. I might boycott Filmwatch until TDKR releases.

caseh3732d ago

I'd hardly call it a spoiler though :) You know Batman is gonna fight Bane and watching something from a 'behind the scenes' viewpoint isn't going to impact on how the film itself will look. For all you know half of this may never even appear in the final cut.

RyuStrife3732d ago

So why watch it? Curious? Just ignore "video" especially when it's in the title, that's how you get around spoilers. I really can't wait for the release of TDKR though.

Crazyglues3731d ago

Yeah it is, I can't take it anymore, I just want this movie to be out already...

I will indeed stop watching this stories on Flimwatch, I just want to go in fresh for the movie, and enjoy the whole thing...

Seeing it all for the first time, with-out seeing how it was done, that's for after I see the movie..

darklordzor3731d ago

I can honestly say that nothing I've seen in all these set pics have really spoiled anything for me. I still have no idea what the overall plot of the film is, or how any of these scenes work together.

However I am getting tired of seeing them all the time. Sorry, new set pics showing the same damn thing from different angles just isn't that exciting for me.

BLAKHOODe3731d ago

I'm actually crazy curious where Chris Nolan is going with this. I mean, so far, we've seen a daytime fight between Batman and Bane, filming at a football game and the biggest mystery of all.. the return of the CAMO Tumbler. I wonder if Bane is going to be presented as a guy that knows Batman's secrets and hijacks a few Tumblers from Wayne Ent. basement.

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krazykombatant3732d ago

Yeah this really total bullshit. Having to put up with all of this spoilers.

Sahil3731d ago

Yeah and we are still in 2011.. what wud happen in 2012 :D

-Superman-3732d ago

Most spoilers you see in trailer anyway

Qrphe3732d ago

Just don't read any of these articles if you don't like the spoilers.

darklordzor3731d ago

Yep. I don't get why people even click on the articles if they don't want to see it. Do they only do it to come in and complain about the spoilers?

jon12343732d ago

heres a much better quality video of that scene

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