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Comic Book Movies that Never Happened

Jordan writes: "Even with all of the comic book movies coming out, believe it or not, there are a great many that never got off the ground or have staid in development hell for years. Which is kind of sad, because some of these attempts would have been rather awesome to see on the big screen. That’s why I’m bringing you the 5 best superhero movies that never happened (and that you probably haven’t heard about)."

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darklordzor3534d ago

I can't be the only one who still really wants a Batman Beyond film. I think it would be such a great adventure. It'd be enough of a departure from the regular Batman that it wouldn't even interfere with what Nolan established and it'd be a fresh take on an old character. Something outside of the normal comic book movie.

Arcee3533d ago

You're not. I would love to see a Batman Beyond movie because I loved that series. It had a dynamic all its own, especially the Return of the Joker special... it is something special that needs to be revisited.

darklordzor3533d ago

Oh man, Return of the Joker is still one of my favorite DC animated movies. It was wonderful and hit all the right notes.

Arcee3532d ago

It was awesome. The way he came back. But the way he left in the first place. In the uncensored version, at least. Return of the Joker is still my favorite Batman Beyond story, aside from the ending story to BB in the Justice League animated series.