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Rumor: A Major Character Will Meet His/Her End In TDKR

Comic Book Movie Writes:
The rumor mill suggests that a major character from all three Christopher Nolan Batman movies will be killed off in this final installment. Obviously major (potential) SPOILERS ahead do do not even click on the article if you don't wanna know em..

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frelyler3722d ago

No shit, Bruce Wayne is going to die, I called this months ago.

Shackdaddy8363722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

He doesn't die. Bane breaks his back. He eventually recovers. In the mean time, some other batman takes his place (In the comic it was Azrael).

NAGNEWS3722d ago

Norrin Radd, i think iam not sure!

raWfodog3721d ago

Gordon was really sick in the trailer so I think it will be him. He looked like he was on his last leg, didn't he?

DarkBlood3722d ago

well i dont see that as being an iconic character, when the article mention major character, batman came to mind and i wouldnt bother me that much i mean this isnt the batman movie thats going to tie in with the justice league film so killing him off is acceptable to me if that was the case

frelyler3722d ago

Right, but Batman is an idea/symbol. The movie even states that. You can't kill an idea or symbol

Soldierone3722d ago

If people watch "Batman" die, and he no longer appears for some time like he does in the comics and cartoons, he is dead. The symbol/idea is gone.

Grandclover3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

@Soldierone I think you misunderstand the comment "Idea" "Symbol" You can't kill this idea because what you stipulated would never happen. If one voice survives the "Idea" Survives. Just sayn, earth would be mighty empty if all the people who know batman were to dissapear.

frelyler3722d ago

@ soldierone
Philosophy 101 my friend. You are wrong. Wayne wanted to encourage people and give them hope by using batman which is an idea/ symbol. Again elementary philosophy, you can never kill a symbol or idea. Just because all nazi's from wwII will be or are dead does not mean that the idea/symbol is dead. Quite the contrary sadly.

krazykombatant3722d ago

It could easily be batman, but then again it could be commissioner Gordon, or Alfred, Lucius fox. If people recall in that little teaser trailer that was out Gordon was in the hospital. But anyways yeah idk if nolan or WB studios would allow for TDKR to be the last movie. Offer him plenty of time and money and i'm sure they could get batman to do another movie. But annnyways i'm pumped for this movie

RyuStrife3722d ago

I agree it could be Gordon, just because of the trailer.

slaton243721d ago

i think it is because he dies in a comic

slaton243721d ago

nolan did state this was the last batman for this set may b more in the future but not based off these 3 thats been done

alycakes3722d ago

I think since they killed the girl in the last one...anything is possible. But you can't kill Morgan Freeman...didn't he play God? You can't kill God!!!

bebojet3721d ago

If Lucius dies where will Bruce get his gadgets from? Ebay?

alycakes3721d ago

That's a good idea...I would have never thought of that.

bebojet3722d ago

Batman will die in his fight with Bane and a new Batman will rise. And that will open the door for a new trilogy.

DarkBlood3722d ago

i believe my self u were on to something till i realise it wouldnt make sense to do that not yet anyways

kane_13713721d ago

It is the most possible ending.
Since Bruce Wayne must die sooner or later and when this is the last movie he will most probably die here and someone else take over.
That is the whole point of killing Bruce Wayne since if you have read the batman battle for the cowl you know what a treasure that book is and how good it will be to make a movie off it

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The story is too old to be commented.