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Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Review | FleshEatingZipper

FleshEatingZipper says: "Is Rise of the Planet of the Apes a good, action-y prequel to Planet of the Apes or a 90 minute PETA ad in disguise? I’m not sure IT even knows what it is. So, here are some details on the film which don’t really drop any more spoilers than you saw in the trailers."

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Grandclover3722d ago

Had a huge opening week, but i think i agree with the reviewer. Not really jumping up and down to see this one.

SantistaUSA3722d ago

Have you seen the movie? It is great! The reviewer wanted just gore action, and apes going crazy, this movie is about the RISE of the planet of the apes, and to me did a great job!

The CGI is the best I've seen!

Grandclover3722d ago

No i havn't, Ya i say that the CGI was groundbreaking but i guess i don't know why i can't get excited about this one, just can't thou.

caseh3722d ago

Seriously, i would take review with a pinch of salt.

He basically slates is as the viewer is made to feel sorry for the apes rather than them being 'THE ENEMY' from the start of the film, not enough apes going crazy either apparently.

I've not seen it yet but points that are made in this guys review just felt irrelevant.

SantistaUSA3721d ago

the movie is great, every one that I know that went to watch it, really enjoyed. The original ones and even the one from 2001 are ok and silly at times, but this one kicks @$$!

Shackdaddy8363722d ago

Ya, I don't want to see this one either Grand. I just don't like the apes series that much. IDK why because everyone else thinks it's awesome...

shadow27973721d ago

I love the concept of planet if the apes, especially the original, but I never saw a movie in the series that I liked. But the concept and the trailers for this one got me to go see it and I loved it.

This film is no way this film is a 5.