LRA: Bloodrayne The Third Reich - Blu-ray Review

LRA writes: So if you haven't already been able to tell by now Rayne has sex and gets naked. Why are her sexual activities of such importance you ask? Well because that is apparently what director Uwe Boll thinks all the "kids" out there wanna see, that and boobies in general. I am not going to partake in the Boll bashing that many other critics out there seem to revel in. I actually admire the guy, even in the face of constant adversity he somehow is able to make his movies the way he wants to (which isn't necessarily a good thing). His movies are bad though, very bad, but that is what I and most of his fans like about them. I would almost consider him to be this generations Ed Wood if not for the fact that he is fully aware that his movies are not very good. When I sit down to experience a Uwe Boll movie I have very little in the way of expectations. I want a bad script complimented with some bad acting and a story that makes little to no sense. The low production values is just like icing on the cake. But something has happened to the infamous director over the course of his career, his films have slowly gotten better (from a technical standpoint) and the acting is not eye-gougingly horrible but they are still not good or even decent movies. They have become what I like to call "boring-bad".

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Grandclover3732d ago

There was a third? lol, sorry just really hated the first one. Just an opinion not trying to speak to those who did like it.