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Steelers Pick Up Roles As Batman Movie Extras

The Post Gazette:
Batman, meet Big Ben.

The new labor agreement in the NFL banned teams from practicing twice a day but it says nothing about Ben Roethlisberger and his Steelers teammates practicing for good old "Gotham" on the set of the new Batman movie Saturday morning.

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alycakes3734d ago

I bet they had tons of fun doing their thing. I know the crew and cast did.

DarkBlood3733d ago

so theres going to be a football scene? :P

alycakes3733d ago there's a real game going on and then all of a sudden here's Batman and Bane and all hell breaks loose.

noxeven3733d ago

As long as the steelers are like hey we can take on bane and rush him, i will be satisfied

alycakes3733d ago

Sounds like fun to me. I would have like to have been part of that day.

RyuStrife3733d ago

Interesting, it'll be funny to see Hines Ward's mug on TDKR.

Grandclover3732d ago

Batman had to have a little talk with Ben Roethlisberger, be good ben, be good.

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